Character Design Competition for New Game!

2012-06-20 16:36:03 by DoodleBin

We're hosting a competition to let one of you guys to design an enemy for the game! If you win, your enemy will appear in the final version of the game.

Hell Games is going to be an epic adventure game where your character develops to suit how you want to play. At its core, its a platformer fighting game, but as we develop and expand on it e hope it can become much more. To check out a video showcasing an early build of the engine check out this development diary.

Check out the competition on the Newgrounds forums here.

Character Design Competition for New Game!


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2012-06-20 17:02:03

I antered. Thank.

DoodleBin responds:

I saw your entry. Very interesting. Nice work.


2012-06-20 17:10:28

Sick accent, I'm entering

DoodleBin responds:

Can't wait to see what you come up with. Hope its horrid and scary!


2012-06-20 18:03:29

I entered, but my drawing isn't as scary as I want it to be.

Anyways, I'm excited because I'm a big fan of your previous work, so even if I don't win you can expect me to check out your new game when it's released.


2012-06-20 20:29:51

Definitely entering this.



2012-06-21 07:38:11

I wish I could get people to design enemies for me xD should offer some credit role as well maybe.

DoodleBin responds:

If you read the forum, you will see that any of the winners will be given a place in the credits.