Dev Blog #3 and Contests!

2012-06-28 12:00:26 by DoodleBin

Hey peoples,

Dev blog #3 is up now!

Me and the team at Scimitar Games have just uploaded our latest video blog on youtube. In this Development Blog, Corey (Torrunt) explains a little bit about the level editor and his command console.

In the video you can take a look at some combat, which we'll be working on over the next few weeks. We're starting to pick up the pase now, and should have some really cool things to show you over ne upcoming weeks.

In other news...

Check out the "create a Enemy competition" if you haven't already, we have some really good entries so far, and with just a week left to go i hope to see many more!

Hopefully i'll be more active on the newgrounds forums and on facebook if anyone has any questions!

Dev Blog  #3 and Contests!


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2012-06-28 12:23:45

Looks great! Can't wait to play it!!


2012-06-28 13:19:00

Also I just wanna say who ever scripted this is a genius! The code looks really well done.