Contest Winners!

2012-07-05 13:30:46 by DoodleBin

Hey Internet peoples!

Wow! The contest was really quite cool. I never thought that we would get close to 25. I really am happy with how it turned out.

Anyway, here's the list of winners:

Winner - jerrodstorm
Runner up - Aigis
Third place Runner up - beware1

If you're one of these peopels, then i will be sending you a PM shortly right after i shower an eat bacon.

Here's the winning submission! Can't wait to start integrating it into the game, and seeing how he plays.

Contest Winners!


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2012-07-05 13:37:46

congrats mate :)

DoodleBin responds:

Yeah, JerrodStorm is very talented. Congrats are in order. :)


2012-07-05 14:55:01

congrats to the winners! Soo did mine come 4th? :D


2012-07-05 15:10:45

I agree with spudzy, spill the beans and say the top ten lol.


2012-07-05 17:38:31

Thanks for the opportunity! I'm glad I was able to contribute.

DoodleBin responds:

Awesome! I can't wait to start working on the sprites.


2012-07-13 14:25:52

Why say the top ten, there were only like what, ten submissions?

DoodleBin responds:

We didn't even choose the winners in that kind of way, so we don't have a top 10!

Thanks for using your brain and common sense Supermessage. :) lol


2012-07-16 21:48:10

Woowoowoow. I was only joking around asking about 4th place, lol now people are asking about top ten? Aww, just ignore 'em dude and keep working hard at that game, it's looking great!