New game, in need of support!

2012-10-13 15:22:44 by DoodleBin


So, I've been working on a redux of my game Ruperts Zombie Diary, for the past few months now. Everything about he game is new. EVERYTHING! Its being made the way I envisaged it before i even made the original game.

I'll release some more info, and maybe a new gameplay trailer next week, once we have some bugs worked out. BUT, until then, you can look at these pretty drawings i've been working on all week. These are stills taken from the opening cutscene for the game. How do they look?

(SUPPORT)This is jus stuff about money... BORING

So, here is the deal guys. This could just end up being a fairly large flash game, where you play through once or twice and move on. Or, I could spend the best part of a year, getting it ready for steam greenlight and making a full 5/6 hour game. Thing is, to do that, our team is going to need some funding. We'll need sponsorships and fan support, and since money dosen't grow on trees, we would have to start up a kickstarter campaign to get this done. Would you guys support us if we set out to make this a true indie game?


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2012-10-13 17:02:10

Sounds rather interesting! I love those cut-scene pictures. Good luck!

DoodleBin responds:

Thanks, there will be plenty more of those coming up over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!


2012-10-13 17:10:33

I say to go ahead and do this.

You can't know if you don't try...

(Updated ) DoodleBin responds:

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement! Its, just that if i try, and i fail, i'll be more bankrupt than i am now. :(


2012-10-14 03:29:57

Can't ask people if they'll support it. They'll always say no. Just gotta do it and make em support it.

DoodleBin responds:

I don't really feel like "making em" support the game is the right thing to do. Anyone can make a game that manipulates people into giving them money, but to me thats not what making games is all about.

Thats why i'm testing the waters, and seeing if people are interested enough that i can start a kickstart campaign.


2012-10-14 13:18:22

I gladly supported both Reincarnation: The Root of All Evil and Detective Grimoire with $50, mainly because they had begun as free games and I really wanted to see them become big hits. I'd definitely try to back your project if you go through with it.


2012-10-14 13:35:01

The world spawns all kind of people.

Some people will fund it without any kind of a proof or reasurance and some (me) will require a preview of sorts.

DoodleBin responds:

Defiantly, Its as i said. I'm not asking for people to support a campaign, because, i haven't even planned one out. I'm just considering it at the moment, and wondered how strongly people would like to start seeing bits and pieces from the game.


2012-10-14 17:32:03

I'm inclined to agree with Deshiel.

I wish you every luck, but the short answer is no. If you want me to be brutally honest, I don't think your games are frankly 'different' or, for want of a better word 'interesting' enough to work well enough to be a popular indie title.

Now, offer people genuinely detailed INVESTMENT opportunities rather than BEGGING the public, then I might take you more seriously.

DoodleBin responds:

See, the thing is, I haven't asked anyone for any money. I haven't begged anyone for any money. I wish people reading this wouldn't jump tot hose conclusions.

For starters, you haven't even seen the game! Why would you invest in something you haven't seen?

All i was saying, was, that i'm interested in making this a bigger project, and if i do make it a bigger project, we will need some sort of financial support.