New Game in open Beta. Feedback please!

2013-01-26 06:35:39 by DoodleBin

Hey Newgrounds!

Past few months me and a few other guys at Scimitar Games have been working on a new title Deep Space Dash. We're looking for some helpful people to play-test for us and give us some feedback.

Play the game here. Please allow the game some time to load as its a development build. There will be a white screen for a while while the game loads.

Any kind of feedback is welcome and useful. You can contact us here: or pm me here on Newgrounds. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks a bunch, Tyler!

New Game in open Beta. Feedback please!


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2013-01-26 09:02:53

UUUggh, amazing game!! I just got sucked in so easily playing through tons of levels. It was simple, fun and addicting. Congrats on you guys making this, I'm sure it'll get a lot of attention when it's out.

DoodleBin responds:

Thanks for checking it out Spudzy!

Hopefully we'll find a sponsor, and have the completed game out soon.


2013-01-26 09:56:01

Very well done, looks and feels proffesional, steam material perhaps.

Best of luck getting that sponsor.

DoodleBin responds:

Wow. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it.


2013-01-26 10:48:45

amazing and golden meathead rules :)


2013-01-26 15:31:29

Cute game, and pretty fun
Some sort of warning would be appreciated when the slow-bullets powerup ends. Since the bullets instantly regain their normal speed it can lead to annoying situations


2013-01-26 17:21:35

Nice, I enjoyed it.


2013-01-27 02:35:42

I think this game would benefit from being punchier. I got through about 4 levels and didn't feel like continuing. In spite of there being new enemies, nothing about the game REALLY changed.

I think you're overusing a single mechanic. Avoiding bullets CAN be fun, but it needs more. The power ups have some interesting ideas that will work as good mechanics, but right now they're implemented very randomly, so they serve more as a novelty. I think you're just doing too much right away and not leaving any room to grow.

Here's some specific examples. Instead of just starting the game with a bunch of powerups like you do now, make a dedicated level for each powerup and pair it with an enemy that the powerup is strong against. Right now you have a time power up, so maybe the first level could have fast bullets, and the time powerup appears every now and again to give you relief. Then, in the second level, you could have slow shooting enemies that have tons of bullets, and the nuclear powerup is in that level so you can clear the board every now and again. Then maybe the lasers appear with those chaser bullets, and you have a new deflector shield. This way the game progresses and changes. Later on you can combine enemies and mechanics to make it more chaotic, but in the beginning do one thing at a time.

Another problem is that there's no obvious goals. I've heard this a lot about my games, so I'll try to explain it better. :3 Right now the main goal is to beat the clock, but that means you're just waiting around. it isn't an active goal the player can accomplish by DOING anything.

Take a look at this game:

If you were to add an achievement system kind of like that, it would add active goals to the game and allow the player to work for something while waiting. Personally, I'd remove the time mechanic completely and give each level an active goal. Like, collect 5 stars or make it across an obstacle course; that sorta thing. But, if you wanna keep the time mechanic, lowering the time down to 15-30 seconds and adding that achievement system would help a lot.

A last note, I was confused with the controls. Why does the dash wait so long to go? Are you protected from bullets as you dash? I couldn't really figure it out.

Hope this was helpful. :)


2013-01-27 17:51:56

Cool game!