New Game is out now!

2013-02-27 11:48:57 by DoodleBin

Hey Newgroundsy type peoples,

My new game is out now. What are you doing go play it, get bored because its too hard, and complain about how much you suck!

First person to screenshot themselves in a gold helmet; gets a cookie.

Also follow us on twitter and facebook. We get bored, and lonely!


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2013-02-27 14:40:42 dt/gold_helmet.jpeg

DoodleBin responds:

You on the right track. Give it a few more goes, and you can sit at the big boys table.


2013-02-27 16:35:45



2013-02-27 16:36:07

90 Fans ! Congratulations ...

DoodleBin responds:

Thank you. :)


2013-02-27 18:34:05

Challenge accepted, now wheres my cookie.

DoodleBin responds:

One Coookie coming right up.


2013-03-06 15:27:14

This game is so awesome! :D

and btw, i'm your 100th fan, so, you're more awesome now XD

DoodleBin responds:

Whoop. 100th fan! High Five!