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2013-06-10 05:53:44 by DoodleBin

Hello Newgrounds peoples, again!

I DREAM OF RUNES (working title)


Currently, the game is just an idea on paper. The basic premise for the game is a top down, open world explorer. Much like classic Legend of Zelda. Take control of a young girl, who unfortunately has very bad dreams and nightmares. The game is set in her head. As she sleeps, she wanders her barron and dark dreamscape, trying to make sense of her nightmare. In her dream, she is not alone, as there are a multitude of creatures that could wake her up at any moment, buy just grabbing her!


As i said before. This game plays 2d, in a top down view. The "dreamscape" or world, is randomly generated each time you play. Giving a new experience each time you play.

You (the player) must avoid being taken by the dark creatures that fill the dream world. You can do this by creating your own spells. CREATING YOUR OWN SPELLS? How do you do this you might wonder... With runes, i will say in answer to your pondering question! Runes, are spell parts that you can combine to make spells. The game will focus on these runes and the possibilities, and combinations that the player can come up with. This may seem a little confusing, but if you're interested in working with me on the game, i'll explain more.

So, anyway... The Runes combine to make spells, that you then use to help you explore the world. The spells could have a magnitude of outcomes, such as offensive, defensive, creating objects, destroying objects, improving speed, luck, so on and so on.

Currently, this is all i'm willing to disclose, and would like to discuss things more in depth 1-1 with people.


For this game i really want to focus on two things. Building a thick and uneasy atmosphere that isn't very inviting to explore AND then giving the player the option to choose how they play with their spells. Hopefully this will create interesting experiences, and could possibly make the game different for everyone who plays it.


First of all, let me start by saying, flash ain't no friend of mine! Me and flash have come to a disagreement lately, and i think its time for us to part ways. I use flash for art and animation, but with the complexity of the games i would like to make flash doesn't seem a viable publishing platform. I'm interested in working with a programmer, who would be able to work on a game using another language, other than AS2 or AS3.

If the prototyping of the game works out well, i would like to publish this game on the interwebs. If the game has the potential, it would be nice to aim for a steam greenlight campaign, but if not, we can set up a website, where people can donate towards the game, and download it.

I'm looking for someone fun and committed to work with. I'm happy for the game to be learning experience, for the both of us, but i require someone with a good solid knowledge of their language of choice and feels confident that they can create a high quality game. If you are interested in working with me on the game, prototyping is EVERYTHING, and we will quickly need to get stuck into the think of it.

Lastly, please note that i'm a full time independent designer, and this is what gets me the bread money. I can't stress enough how much i need someone that is dedicated and committed for this project to not flop over like a dead tuna.

Thanks for reading, this was a mammoth of a post, and for the most part, i guess it was boring as fuck.


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2013-06-10 07:41:49

Man, the project you described here is almost impossible to make. The runecraft is okay, runes may be encoded in numbers, symbols or something simillar, but random generated room mazes are just so hard as hell. I played a mobile rogue-like game Dweller and there were random generated levels, but I haven't any idea how it's done.

DoodleBin responds:

I seriously doubt that its impossible to make. It just takes time and a lot of testing and prototyping to get right.


2013-06-10 07:58:23

I'm a programmer, and while this is possible and is of interest, this is waaaaaaaay to huge for a flash game, and most of your gimmicks WILL be implemented quite badly (Like runes) - not because it's not possible - because it's too hard to impliment. I find an open world randomly generated game hard enough...

DoodleBin responds:

Thats why i said that i want to get away from flash. Its too ambitions for flash, and it would just create too many problems.


2013-06-10 09:46:34

Javascript should handle most of the mechanics, even rogue-like room generation, so email me any specifics at davloufl@gmail.com and I will see what I can do.


2013-06-10 13:57:27

Head's deep in college work until the 20th, however I'll keep this post in mind..........................................

DoodleBin responds:

Thanks Spudz, always nice to chat man!


2013-06-10 23:04:09

Hello Mr. Bin. I'm an HTML5/JS programmer interested in pursuing a full time project. I love RPGs, rogue-likes, and anything with innovative, open-ended mechanics. If you'd like to see some of my work on web games, check out play5ong.com, which I wrote, own, & operate. You may also be familiar with the 2009 Brandish 2 English translation project (it was unexpectedly quite well publicized via a youtube video proclaiming it to be "not for bitches") for which I reverse engineered the game and developed all of the software and editing tools we used.

Your idea about the runes reminds me a little of the way materia worked in FF7. In that game, one could give a character a basic spell (or set of spells) by applying one materia and could then modify its effects with additional linked materia. It seems like you want your runes to be useful only in combination, but is that roughly the idea? For example, combine an "ice" rune with an "object" rune to make a spell that creates a chunk of ice to block one's pursuers? Implementing something like that is not at all complicated, especially in a dynamic language like JS, and would be a lot of fun to come up with the particulars.

If you're interested in working together, my email is sqykly@gmail.com.