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Hey Guys,

So here is a little insight to how the game is going. I'd love to go more in depth, and show off some more stuff, but it is just too early in development. Like our facebook page, and subscribe to our youtubes if you wan to keep up with the game.

As always, Peace!

Here's a picture of the Character Development Screen to get your RPG buds wet.

Dev Blog Video #2. Check it out!

Hey guys,

This is a look into how i work with flash. In this video i'm creating a simple enemy for out working title "Hell Games".

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Picoday, and Games?

2012-05-02 15:49:28 by DoodleBin

So, me and my Budds Torrunt and Morgan put together a game for this years Picoday. We didn't do too bad of a job, and personally i'm happy with how it turned out. I'd love to take it, and use it as a starting point for new game. The action happening all over the screen is a really something i'd like to see again in our games. What do you guys think? Maybe a space shooter in there?

Also, congrats to Elvidian Entertainment for placing 1st on the Picoday Games list. These guys are really coming up with some great stuff and i can't wait to see how Ortus turns out.

In other news, i've started knocking about some ideas and think i know what i'm working on for the next month or so.

All i'm going to say, is; the game will feature a lot of user created content, and may include quest and level building to share with your friends.

Picoday, and Games?

Hey Guys,

New game was put up on Newgrounds today "Ruperts Zombie Diary". Theres a lot of medals in there if you want to have a crack at getting them all!. Play the game for yourself and let me know what you think. Would any of you like to see Rupert again, and if so... how would you like to see him?

In other news, the guys who created "Ruperts Zombie Diary" with me are also setting up a flash games development team. We're going under the name Scimitar-Games, and are looking to set up a website in the near future. We need some beta testers for 2 upcoming Scimitar games. Now is the Time to PM me or comment if you want in on some beta testing goodness.

Scimitar will be heating up its furnace this year, so sit back and in enjoy what we make for you.

New Game, and Things for the future!

New Logo and Splash screen!

2011-09-27 06:40:24 by DoodleBin

Just got done creating my new logo and slash screen for the future!

This year, i'm hoping to unleash a smal wave of games, and a little extra publicity couldn't help going into next year. So, i rebranded and now i'm ready to enter the wold of flash game development.

Check out the new splash screen HERE

Feel free to coment and criticise. Now, all thats left is to add a jungle to it, to give it that little extra pop.


Doodle :P

New Logo and Splash screen!

A year for games

2011-04-30 15:07:33 by DoodleBin

Launch the flash year with my new game for pico day!

Check it out!

Lots more coming this year so i'll keep you all posted. Let me know what you think!