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2013-11-22 18:36:19 by DoodleBin

Long story short, i won't be posting anything new on here.

I find art and animation boring, and i feel like im just wasting my time when i could be enjoying myself.

I'm posting this so that people don't expect anything from me game/art wise. I'm not finishing anything. Can't be bothered.

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..............\.............\... Cya hipsters

Looking for a Programmer

2013-06-10 05:53:44 by DoodleBin

Hello Newgrounds peoples, again!

I DREAM OF RUNES (working title)


Currently, the game is just an idea on paper. The basic premise for the game is a top down, open world explorer. Much like classic Legend of Zelda. Take control of a young girl, who unfortunately has very bad dreams and nightmares. The game is set in her head. As she sleeps, she wanders her barron and dark dreamscape, trying to make sense of her nightmare. In her dream, she is not alone, as there are a multitude of creatures that could wake her up at any moment, buy just grabbing her!


As i said before. This game plays 2d, in a top down view. The "dreamscape" or world, is randomly generated each time you play. Giving a new experience each time you play.

You (the player) must avoid being taken by the dark creatures that fill the dream world. You can do this by creating your own spells. CREATING YOUR OWN SPELLS? How do you do this you might wonder... With runes, i will say in answer to your pondering question! Runes, are spell parts that you can combine to make spells. The game will focus on these runes and the possibilities, and combinations that the player can come up with. This may seem a little confusing, but if you're interested in working with me on the game, i'll explain more.

So, anyway... The Runes combine to make spells, that you then use to help you explore the world. The spells could have a magnitude of outcomes, such as offensive, defensive, creating objects, destroying objects, improving speed, luck, so on and so on.

Currently, this is all i'm willing to disclose, and would like to discuss things more in depth 1-1 with people.


For this game i really want to focus on two things. Building a thick and uneasy atmosphere that isn't very inviting to explore AND then giving the player the option to choose how they play with their spells. Hopefully this will create interesting experiences, and could possibly make the game different for everyone who plays it.


First of all, let me start by saying, flash ain't no friend of mine! Me and flash have come to a disagreement lately, and i think its time for us to part ways. I use flash for art and animation, but with the complexity of the games i would like to make flash doesn't seem a viable publishing platform. I'm interested in working with a programmer, who would be able to work on a game using another language, other than AS2 or AS3.

If the prototyping of the game works out well, i would like to publish this game on the interwebs. If the game has the potential, it would be nice to aim for a steam greenlight campaign, but if not, we can set up a website, where people can donate towards the game, and download it.

I'm looking for someone fun and committed to work with. I'm happy for the game to be learning experience, for the both of us, but i require someone with a good solid knowledge of their language of choice and feels confident that they can create a high quality game. If you are interested in working with me on the game, prototyping is EVERYTHING, and we will quickly need to get stuck into the think of it.

Lastly, please note that i'm a full time independent designer, and this is what gets me the bread money. I can't stress enough how much i need someone that is dedicated and committed for this project to not flop over like a dead tuna.

Thanks for reading, this was a mammoth of a post, and for the most part, i guess it was boring as fuck.

New Game is out now!

2013-02-27 11:48:57 by DoodleBin

Hey Newgroundsy type peoples,

My new game is out now. What are you doing go play it, get bored because its too hard, and complain about how much you suck!

First person to screenshot themselves in a gold helmet; gets a cookie.

Also follow us on twitter and facebook. We get bored, and lonely!

Hey Newgrounds!

Past few months me and a few other guys at Scimitar Games have been working on a new title Deep Space Dash. We're looking for some helpful people to play-test for us and give us some feedback.

Play the game here. Please allow the game some time to load as its a development build. There will be a white screen for a while while the game loads.

Any kind of feedback is welcome and useful. You can contact us here: or pm me here on Newgrounds. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks a bunch, Tyler!

New Game in open Beta. Feedback please!

RZD - First Trailer

2012-10-25 12:04:10 by DoodleBin

Hey Newgrounds!

Here is the first look at the Ruperts Zombie Diary revamp! I know there's not much, but i hope it gets your juices flowing!

I'm also planning a kickstarter campaign to make this game EVEN better than its shaping up to be. Any support would be greatly appreciated? Would any of you consider backing something like this?


So, I've been working on a redux of my game Ruperts Zombie Diary, for the past few months now. Everything about he game is new. EVERYTHING! Its being made the way I envisaged it before i even made the original game.

I'll release some more info, and maybe a new gameplay trailer next week, once we have some bugs worked out. BUT, until then, you can look at these pretty drawings i've been working on all week. These are stills taken from the opening cutscene for the game. How do they look?

(SUPPORT)This is jus stuff about money... BORING

So, here is the deal guys. This could just end up being a fairly large flash game, where you play through once or twice and move on. Or, I could spend the best part of a year, getting it ready for steam greenlight and making a full 5/6 hour game. Thing is, to do that, our team is going to need some funding. We'll need sponsorships and fan support, and since money dosen't grow on trees, we would have to start up a kickstarter campaign to get this done. Would you guys support us if we set out to make this a true indie game?

Contest Winners!

2012-07-05 13:30:46 by DoodleBin

Hey Internet peoples!

Wow! The contest was really quite cool. I never thought that we would get close to 25. I really am happy with how it turned out.

Anyway, here's the list of winners:

Winner - jerrodstorm
Runner up - Aigis
Third place Runner up - beware1

If you're one of these peopels, then i will be sending you a PM shortly right after i shower an eat bacon.

Here's the winning submission! Can't wait to start integrating it into the game, and seeing how he plays.

Contest Winners!

Hey Peples!

New Development blog up on youtube for your eye viewing pleasure. Just a quick one, shows me painting a character icon for our upcoming game.

Hell Games Contest Winners will be announced tomorrow, so be sure to check that out!

Peace dudes!

Developer Bog Video 4 up now. Go watch it!

Dev Blog #3 and Contests!

2012-06-28 12:00:26 by DoodleBin

Hey peoples,

Dev blog #3 is up now!

Me and the team at Scimitar Games have just uploaded our latest video blog on youtube. In this Development Blog, Corey (Torrunt) explains a little bit about the level editor and his command console.

In the video you can take a look at some combat, which we'll be working on over the next few weeks. We're starting to pick up the pase now, and should have some really cool things to show you over ne upcoming weeks.

In other news...

Check out the "create a Enemy competition" if you haven't already, we have some really good entries so far, and with just a week left to go i hope to see many more!

Hopefully i'll be more active on the newgrounds forums and on facebook if anyone has any questions!

Dev Blog  #3 and Contests!

We're hosting a competition to let one of you guys to design an enemy for the game! If you win, your enemy will appear in the final version of the game.

Hell Games is going to be an epic adventure game where your character develops to suit how you want to play. At its core, its a platformer fighting game, but as we develop and expand on it e hope it can become much more. To check out a video showcasing an early build of the engine check out this development diary.

Check out the competition on the Newgrounds forums here.

Character Design Competition for New Game!